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The team

In this blog there will be lots of tips and tricks about training, riding technique, nutrition, health and much more. We were able to recruit the BEST for the project!

  • Track coach: Marcel Wyss Swiss Olympic professional coach, competitive level
  • Strength & Athletics Trainer: Stefan Bernhard Certified Sports Manager Swiss Olympic
  • Chief mechanic: In conversation
  • Sports doctor: The doctor of choice has been found. We still have to convince him.
  • Physiotherapist: In conversation
  • Psychologist/mental coach: will be consulted if necessary
  • Communication: Beat Stebler

Photo coming…


Beat Stebler

Born 1961
Father of 3 children, 2 grandchildren

1968 to 1983 Swimming
1978 – 1989 Trial (SAM Junior Champion)
1987 – 1993 Motorcycle rally (Sardinia – Pharaohs – Tunisia rally)
1994 – 2010 Triathlon (38th at the Swiss Championships over 40)
2002 Berlin Marathon 3h 38m
Cycling, swimming and running from 2011
2023 Track-Cycling-Chalange project

Business economist dipl. oek.
CAS in Business Communication & Video Marketing
Photographer LDF

Photo coming…

Track trainer

Marcel Wyss

Born 1986
Father of 2 children

Swiss Olympic professional coach, competitive sport level
Trainer at TSP Mittelland

8 years of experience as a professional cyclist in which I competed in 600 professional races.
2x Tour de France, 3x Giro d’Italia and 4x Tour de Suisse participations.
Over 300,000 km of cycling experience.

Strength & athletics trainer

Stephan Bernhard

My aim is to shape a complete athlete so that he can cope with the stresses and strains of training on the way to the world hour record.

Stefan Bernhard 2023

National coach: SwissBoxing (2007-2010)
Head of Competitive Sports: SwissBoxing (2007-2010 and 2018-2019)
Examination expert for competition coach training: SwissBoxing (2007-2011 and 2018-2019)
Private coach: Herry Saliku (World Cup participation 2009)
Private coach and manager: Dina Burger, World Championship silver medal (2005), European Championship silver medal and EU gold medal (2006)
Club coaches: SBC Grenchen and Real Boxing (since 1999)
Active boxer until 1995

Owner BEST TRAINING Grenchen
Professional coach for competitive sport EFZ: Swiss Olympic
Adult educator: SVEB
Barbell trainer
Certified sports manager: Swiss Olympic
Fitness trainer: SAFS
Boxing coach 3*: IBA (highest trainer level of the World Boxing Association)
Boxing coach competition: SwissBoxing